We are dedicated to providing quality care.

Serving the Newark and Dresden areas, Rehab Associates provides comprehensive, skilled, and friendly physical and occupational therapy services. From outpatient clinics to industrial work sites, school systems, and home health settings, Rehab Associates has all your rehabilitation needs covered. We understand that when you are in pain, your life is turned upside down. Our team approach plays a vital role in getting you back to enjoying a more independent, productive and active lifestyle.

At Rehab Associates, you will receive professional one-on-one treatment by a competent and compassionate therapist to eliminate your pain and improve your function, to turn your world right-side up.

About 1/3 of the population over 65 will fall each year, and 1/2 of the population over 80.

Our balance programs focus on strength, endurance, motion, gait training and coordination for safe walking and
preventing falls. If you need the assistance of a cane or walker, Rehab Associates therapists will match you with
the appropriate device and provide training for safety.


physical therapy services
Outpatient Services
school therapy newark
School Therapy
Home Health
industrial therapy
Industrial Services

Conditions We Treat

Sports Injuries
Knee/Hip Pain
Neck Pain
Foot/Ankle Pain
Balance Problems/Vertigo
Shoulder Pain
back pain treatment
Back Pain
Work Injuries


"I never give 5 stars, so starting out that should say how highly I think of this place. Very personal care, took time to get to know what was going on and offered some great help in getting me to where I wanted to be with realistic goals and expectations of recovery. Military friendly! Would recommend!"
"I highly recommend this facility. Most of my therapy was with Amy. She went above and beyond to make me feel relaxed and comfortable. I had 10 sessions and I improved tremendously. She worked with me closely so that I understood each exercise and how it would improve my ankle flexibility. If I ever need therapy again I will definitely come back here."
"I can’t even begin to describe the individual attention I received as a patient! I had one on one care and was encouraged throughout my entire therapy! Amy was so dedicated and passionate about her job and it showed in how she provided care with each therapy session I was given! I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and the caring staff at Rehab Associates! So happy I chose Rehab Assoc. to help get me back and feeling stronger and healthier! I will never forget how they helped save my life!!!"

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