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Why choose Rehab Associates?

Our therapists at Rehab Associates have the experience and expertise to get an injured athlete quickly back in the game. We also offer sport performance programs to maximize an athlete’s abilities. No matter what the sport, Rehab Associates has got you covered.

Injury Treatment Programs

Every athlete deals with an injury at one time or another. At Rehab Associates physical therapy clinics, we work closely with the injured athlete to get them back in the game. We use cutting edge techniques such as integrative dry needling, muscle energy, and blood flow restriction treatments, as well as traditional therapy methods to help injured athletes recover quickly from injury. We also have therapists trained in concussion and vestibular therapy.

Rehab Associates Sports Performance Program

Sports Performance Programs

RA Sports Performance offer unique sports programs based on technology previously on available to collegiate and professional athletes to improve physical performance. Our programs work to fine tune movement patterns critical to sport. Then we can enhance the athlete’s physical development to make them bigger, faster, stronger, all with improved agility.

Why choose RA Sports Performance programs?

Our program has been designed by physical therapists with backgrounds in elite sports performance training. We perform researched Tests and Measures that allow us to break the body down the body joint-by-joint to identify inefficient movement patterns limiting the athlete. Once identified, the athlete is given specific exercises to correct these inefficient movement patterns. Now with improved mechanics the athlete can train more efficiently to reach their true athletic potential. Participating in RA Sports Performance programs allows the athlete to optimize their athletic abilities.

Rehab Associates, serving Licking and Muskingum counties for over 30 years!

Rehab Associates has 2 convenient locations to serve athletes in Licking and Muskingum counties. Coming this spring we are excited to announce our new location in Heath, Ohio. You only have one body, so why not choose the best physical therapy company in Central Ohio, Rehab Associates. For pricing or to schedule and appointment, please call central scheduling at 740-345-2837.

"I have recommended this friendly and warm environment to my friends and family members after their care of me from an injury and when my family needed to be treated this is where I took my children and husband. They are the absolute best, friendly and very knowledgeable on ways to help you feel better."

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