Movement Is Medicine: Embrace Physical Therapy for Drug-free Pain Management

Mark Kaple

Mark Kaple

3 weeks ago
Movement Is Medicine: Embrace Physical Therapy for Drug-free Pain Management
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Prescription painkillers like opioids are often seen as a default solution for managing pain. However, as the dangers and limitations of opioids become increasingly evident, many individuals are seeking alternative approaches to pain management. Enter the wonder drug known as physical activity.

Physical activity is a wonder drug. If it was a pill, you'd buy it and take it every day. But even though activity is free, less than 25% of Americans meet the CDC recommendations for activity. We clearly need help.

Physical Therapists Are The Experts in Human Movement

To be active, you need to be able to move. Physical therapists do more than help you recover from surgeries or major injuries. They are the experts in human movement.

Sure, you could see a strength coach to lift weights, hire a personal trainer, go to a yoga class to work on your flexibility and balance, and see a chiropractor for adjustments. But that seems like a lot of people when a physical therapist can help you with all of these things and more. Nobody knows more about human movement or looks at your health the same way a physical therapist does. Your physical therapist can help you with every aspect of movement including strength, range of motion, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination.

As medical professionals, they can help you with injuries or other issues. Your physical therapist can work with your doctor to help use activity to manage things like diabetes, cholesterol levels, or blood pressure instead of prescriptions. Your physical therapist is also trained to work with people of all ages, so you can develop a long-term relationship and they can continue to adjust and modify your routine as you age or your goals change.

Stay Healthy For Life

Staying active has a long list of benefits both now and in the future. But chances are you're not moving enough to make the most of those benefits. Most people need help. Physical therapists are the most qualified professionals to help keep you healthy now and in the future.

So don't think of your physical therapist as someone you see when you need help with pain or an injury. Think of them as your partner and coach working to help you stay healthy with natural, long-lasting results.

Schedule a Complimentary Physical Therapy Exam

Have you had your annual physical therapy examination? An annual physical therapy exam can catch problems early, and correct them before they lead to something bigger. 

Schedule your complimentary assessment with a Rehab Associates physical therapist today! Most insurance companies do not require a physician referral.

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