On Site Industrial Therapy

Rehabilitation Aimed at Helping Injured Workers Return to Work Safely and Effectively

Rehab Associates – Newark has been providing outpatient clinic and on-site Physical Therapy with local industries for over 20 years. We enjoy working with progressive and employee-centered companies to improve the health of their employees. Our services also improve efficiency and lowers Workers’ Compensation costs, as well as, overall medical costs.

Injury Prevention Programs

Specific prevention programs provided through a comprehensive on-site physical therapy program can significantly reduce worker compensation claims and cost.

  • Job Analysis and/or Modification
  • Return to Work Evaluations
  • Pre-employment Assessments
  • Job Descriptions Based on Function
  • First Aid Therapy
  • Education Programs
    • Cumulative Trauma Prevention
    • Posture Analysis/Education
    • Back Injury Prevention
    • Pacing Skills
    • Ergonomics Training
    • Stress Management
    • Exercise Instruction
    • Compensatory Techniques
    • Ergonomic Assessments and Interventions

Prevention Program Highlights

First Aid Therapy

A “first aid approach by an on-site physical therapist will decrease worker compensation costs by initiating immediate care and advice. The on-site therapist can quickly identify the cause of the worker’s pain and take immediate steps to alleviate the problem. These steps include exercise program development, employee ergonomic and posture education, and basic self-help treatment approach to decrease pain. Often, early intervention can avoid a formal worker compensation claim.

Cumulative Trauma and Back Injury Prevention Programs

Educational programs can be individually structured to meet your facility’s needs. Programs can be implemented in large or small group settings. More intensive (including individual one-on-one) job site training can be arranged for those workers and/or areas of the facility that are at the highest risk of injury. Regular follow-up programming is available.

Job Analysis

A job analysis may be used to determine problem areas within a job that relate to worker injury. This information is then available for appropriate job ergonomic analysis and modification. The job analysis information can also be used to develop work simulation programs in the clinic, as well as develop exercise and/or conditioning programs.

Injury Treatment Programs

  • Injury Evaluation and Treatment (on or off-site)
  • Back Injuries
  • Muscle and Tendon Injuries
  • Hand/Upper Extremity
  • Cumulative Trauma
  • Neck Injuries
  • Fractures
  • Knee/Ankle/Lower Extremity
  • Post-Surgery Recovery
  • Body Mechanics/Ergonomics
  • Work Conditioning Programs (on-site)
  • Transitional Work Programs (on-site)
  • Work Simulation (on or off-site)

Treatment Program Highlights

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

A functional capacity evaluation is a comprehensive, objective test of a person’s ability to perform work-related tasks. The primary goal of the FCE is to identify an injured workers’ existing capabilities and limitations in order to return that employee to work safely and properly. The FCE provides objective specific information on an injured worker’s functional capabilities.

Work Conditioning Programs

A work conditioning program includes specific physical and aerobic exercise, instruction in body mechanics and posture, and work simulation activities. This program is designed to be flexible with the worker’s needs. Work conditioning can be utilized with an employee who is currently working (perhaps half days or light duty) or it can be used to “condition” workers, who have been off work for a period of time due to an injury, prior to returning to work.

Transitional Work Programs

Transitional work programs are implemented when an employee is on restricted duty and the therapist goes to the work site with the injured employee. While at the work site, the therapist may treat the injury, perform a job and analysis and/or instruct the employee in body mechanics, posture, etc. These services are accomplished while performing the actual job. The injured employee is transitioned into their original job. The transitional work program allow for a quick return of the injured worker and thus saving the company time and money.

Paul Kaple, P.T. is our clinic director and manages our industrial therapy program.

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