Who do you call when you just sprained your ankle or your back went out on you again or you pulled a muscle in your shoulder playing softball? For most people they call their family doctor. The family doctor usually prescribes rest and medication to decrease pain and swelling. However, this should be just the start to your recovery.

In Ohio, you have direct access to your physical therapist and most insurances do not require a prescription from your doctor.

To get to the root of the problem and find effective treatment, a consultation with your local physical or occupational therapist is what you need. Your local therapist at Rehab Associates will be able to lend their skill to get you back in action as quickly as possible. The physical or occupational therapist can use their professional skills to:

  • Reduce your pain
  • Improve your recovery time
  • Improve your strength and range of motion
  • Reduce the risk of re-injury

Physical and occupational therapists at Rehab Associates have many interventions at their disposal for the treatment of injuries and/or pain. One of the primary interventions used is exercise.

Exercise programs are tailored to each individual patient. They can be used to strengthen weak muscles, improve joint range of motion, build stability in joints, increase endurance, improve posture, as well as alleviate pain. Also, therapists have a high degree of manual skills, such as myofascial release, massage, and joint mobilization, that can be used to decrease muscle spasm, improve joint mobility, and restore movement and patient function. Modalities, such as the deep heat of ultrasound, electrical stimulation, iontophoresis, etc., can also be used to aid in tissue healing.

"Heard about Rehab Associates through word of mouth. Went there with shoulder pain and neck pain. I have had 12 sessions now, and I’ve got so much pain relief and so much more mobility! So thankful to be on an upward track thanks to rehab! The staff is incredible! So friendly and so much fun to be around! It is definitely a highlight to my week!"

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