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We believe in the work we do everyday. We think that you will agree with us when you here what some of our patients have said. If you a current or former patient and would like to take our brief survey, please click the button below to do so. You can also click the links below to leave a Google review for our clinic locations. 

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(Real) Patient Reviews

About Our Staff:

  • Everyone that helped me were very nice!
  • Love these people. Wonderful to me – like family.
  • They are great. I would recommend this place to everyone. If for some reason I ever need therapy again, I will be back. Thank you to everyone.
  • All are very caring and kind.
  • Everyone I have worked with has been outstanding.
  • Everyone was friendly and king – fun to be here!
  • Was very nice when getting around my comfort zone.
  • Very caring group!
  • All therapists that I had were great, respectful, and gave great care!
  • The staff here is excellent. I have referred them to friends.
  • All the staff was very professional, helpful, and explained exercises and activities thoroughly to me.
  • All my therapists I had did an excellent job.
  • My PTA was fantastic!
  • Everyone was very professional at all times.
  • Very good at putting you to ease. Highly recommend.
  • This is my “go-to” family for therapy.
  • This was my first time for therapy and all were understanding, helpful, and courteous.
  • The environment here is very relaxed and comfortable.
  • The staff are very enjoyable to be around, they are all funny and we have a fun time together.
  • All staff is very friendly, courteous, and jovial.
  • Most caring bunch of people I have ever met.

About Our Quality of Care:

  • This facility is the best in town for personal attention.
  • I was very satisfied. I have and will recommend Rehab Associates.
  • I am feeling improvement, even though it’s a little slow.
  • I have been coming for the last few years because of the care here!
  • All of the therapists and staff gave me lots of help. They helped me tremendously.
  • I feel I have benefited greatly for what I wanted to achieve.
  • Very fast improvement, I shouldn’t have waited so long.
  • I am very satisfied with the care I received.
  • I was surprised that shortly after I started going here, everyone knew me and my physical therapy needs.
  • This is the best P.T. facility I have ever been to.
  • They listen to me – what works, and what doesn’t. 
  • I feel comfortable and well cared for when I’m here. Next time I’ll just come to visit without a therapy needed.
  • I have been to Rehab Associates often and always feel good results.
  • Thank you Rehab Associates, for treating people like people and not objects.
  • By far, Rehab Associates is superior in hands on treatment. Very happy I feel finally on the road to recovery.

About Recommending Rehab Associates:

  • Yes! Definitely. All of the P.T.’s here seem to know their job well and how to help people.
  • Without a doubt!
  • Thank you again for everything and God bless you all.
  • I always will tell people this is the place to go.
  • Great 1 on 1 care. Every one of the P.T.’s provided me with a diferent exercise, stretches, and challenges to get me to a better place. These people truly care about their patients.
  • I have already recommended this facility to all my friends and family.
  • I thought all of the therapists were professional and knowledgable. Highly recommended.
  • I have returned every time over the past three years- and will return again.
  • The staff here is well trained and friendly. I enjoy working with them. Would definitely recommend.
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