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What We Do

Rehab Associates provides comprehensive, skilled, efficient and friendly physical therapy, occupational therapy, and wellness services that maximize the functional outcomes of our patients.

In addition to physical therapy services at our clinic locations in Newark and Dresden, on-site services are available in Licking, Perry, Franklin, Fairfield, Muskingum and Knox counties.

physical therapy services

Why Rehab Associates?


Located within 30 minutes of Columbus. We also offer on-site services such as home health, schools and industrial.


We offer a wide variety of programs and services under one roof.

Personalized Treatment

Every patient receives an individualized treatment plan to maximize results for their specific situation.


Treating our patients in a friendly professional atmosphere is a top priority.


From orthopedics to pediatrics to men’s and women’s health our specialty areas ensure you get the treatment you need.


Our reputation for providing high quality and cost effective rehabilitation services is well known in Central Ohio communities.

Our Staff

Backed by industry affiliations (OPTAAPTAAOTA, and OOTA), our staff is regarded as the best in the industry.

Professional Affiliations

Our affiliations and relationships with local healthcare professionals and insurance providers ensure you receive optimal care before, during and after treatment.


We deliver bottom line results with a focus on providing long-term solutions to injuries and not just short-term relief, so you can get back to living your life!

physical therapy services