Physical and Occupational Therapy

Jacob Kaple

Jake Kaple

Jacob Kaple, OT

Since becoming an occupational therapist in April 2013, I have accumulated a variety of experiences in a wide array of settings and contexts that have deepened my appreciation for the diverse field of occupational therapy. Presently, I provide occupational therapy services for the Newark City School District as well as home health throughout Licking, Franklin, and Delaware counties and acute care at Marion General Hospital. At home, I enjoy a wide array of hobbies including hiking, cycling, disc golf, attending concerts and music festivals (pre-Covid), fantasy football (since 1998!), and enduring the misery of being an irrationally optimistic Cleveland sports fan (we’ll always have 2016- Thank you Lebron James!) Mostly though, I enjoy spending time with my wife Gloria (met in 2009, married in 2016) and son Wesley (born in September 2019). Ask me about “The Journey of Hope”- In 2007, I rode a bicycle from San Francisco to Washington DC in support of my college fraternity’s outreach program “Push America” (now “The Ability Experience”) which supports people with disabilities nationwide.

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