Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Funny Bone Turned Serious

Third needling under my belt, or should I say under under my elbow? I must admit I had a much better effect from having an arm needled than I did a neck.  The humor has been restored to my funny bone…okay, so maybe that’s going to take more than a few needles.  Soreness in the area down easily 40% by the completion of the treatment. Did this one hurt? I didn’t laugh, that much is certain.  The only discomfort was on the really tender parts, and pain was under a 2/10.  Tendinitis? Fasciitis? Yes!  Any overuse injury of the arms/legs/hands/feet, dry needling can definitely help your symptoms.  Five minutes total, it was still a little strange with needles being guided into my arm but worth the weird for the outcome.  In my next blog I’m going to highlight some other patient experiences’ with this intervention. Stay tuned…

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