Physical and Occupational Therapy

Pokémon Go Stretching

Feeling a little sore after scouring through the woods, or traveling several blocks to catch Pikachu or Squirtal? We have you covered with some great lower body stretches to reduce your muscle soreness and allow you to continue your Pokémon adventure! Each stretch should be held 20-40 seconds and completed 2-3 times on each side.
The calf stretch: this targets the back of your leg

The hamstring stretch: this stretches the back of your thigh…keep your knee somewhat straight, chest lifted leaning forward until a pull is felt.  Toes can point up, to the right slightly or to the left slightly. By changing toe position for each stretch you target all 3 of the hamstring muscles.

The quad stretch: this stretches the top of your thigh.

The IT band stretch: this stretches a large thick ligament that runs from the side of your hip to your knee.

Don’t forget neck stiffness from looking down at your phone.  Looking up 3 times for 5 seconds every 5 minutes of play will prevent “tech neck”. Safety first, never walk into a road, through a parking lot or over uneven ground while staring at your phone.  Happy Pokémon hunting!

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