My Dry Needling Experience

Dry needling

I’ll begin by saying I’ve never previously had any acupuncture or dry needling.  I’m not a skeptic, I’m just really busy.  The kind of busy that leaves you with a stiff neck, headache and sore shoulders.  My boss and some co-workers recently got certified to do a new technique called “dry needling”.  They came back from the 2 day long course pretty jazzed up about the possibilities that this type of therapy would offer for our patients.  They needed to practice this new technique and I was a willing volunteer.  I needed to help them get the word out about this new intervention, and so my dry needling blog was born.  I will give you my honest opinions and objective information on the outcomes  each time I have this needling done.  Today I had my neck needled, it sounds painful, but it wasn’t. I barely felt any of the needles go in, but there were some areas that I felt a small pinch.  One radiated to a warm sensation around my left temple.  Half dozen needles were placed at and around the back of my neck and the base of my skull and removed within 5 minutes.  I had to lay still, movement with needles in you is uncomfortable.  Immediately after I noticed two things, one spot was slightly sore, and I could move my neck without any crunching or crackling sounds.  Looking all the way from floor to ceiling and from right to left shoulder, no cracking.  That was a first, my neck always cracked at least a few times when moved this much.  It’s been 2 hours since I’ve had the treatment and the cracking is 90% less than before the treatment.  The sore spot on the left now feels warm and there seems to be less tension in this area.  My head feels somewhat lighter than before.  So treatment one…from a needle neck to an air head.  I would say it was a success…this time.

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